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Beloit Only Opportunities

***Funding Workshop Dates***

Join us to learn more about summer funding, how to make your proposal competitive, and peek at examples of successful applications. 

Monday, February 15th from 7-8pm at LAPC 

-Applications are due Monday, March 14, 2016 (the Monday after Spring Break)*-

*We understand that you may still be waiting to hear back about an application to a program at the time the funding application is due.  With that in mind, the LAPC does fund pending projects.  Please attach any documentation of your application being in progress (e.g. emails from site/supervisors).

The Initiatives Program, Office of International Education, and the Liberal Arts in Practice Center Grants and Fellowships

Additional college grants and fellowships

How to Write a Competitive Funding Proposal

Common Grant Example #1

Common Grant Example #2

Common Grant Example #3

Common Grant Application

The Initiatives Program, Office of International Education, and the Liberal Arts in Practice Center offer the following grants and fellowships:

International Education Grant for projects that "enable them to apply their studies to an international context over the summer or winter breaks"

Weissberg Human Rights Grant for off-campus research, internships and conference attendance in the field of human rights

Venture Grant for current sophomores to participate in entrepreneurial, self-testing, or intellectually challenging projects that benefit both the student(s) involved and others. Projects may be of a personal, service, or commercial character, and may be completed independently or through an organization

Bacon Super-Vision Fellowship for participating in any low-paid or unpaid summer internship

Class of 1986 Field Experience Fellowship for current juniors participating in any low-paid or unpaid summer internship

Class of 1996 Service Learning Fellowship for participating in a low-paid or unpaid summer internship with a substantial community service component

Mikva-Cohen Endowed Internship Fund for pursuing intensive summer internships with a preference for experiential opportunities in three areas: performing arts, social justice activism and practical politics

Martha and Alan Stutz Grant Fund awarded for travel and research abroad, living expenses associated with summer internships, off-campus research and travel.  While open to students in all disciplines, preference is given to students in Art History, Anthropology and/or Museum Studies who will commit to presenting at the Student Symposium.

Society for Learning Unlimited Grant for Internships or Community-based Research for community-based academic study during the summer or academic year

Kohler Fund for Community Engagement for educational opportunities that encourage community engagement for students and faculty, such as, but not limited to internships through Liberal Arts in Practice Center 


Additional College Grants and Fellowships

Christian Discretionary Fund Scholarship
Major(s): Any
A generous Beloit College alumnus has established a scholarship fund “to introduce and encourage the Beloit campus to the challenge and adventure of knowing and having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ."   Toward that end a scholarship is offered through the Spiritual Life Program to encourage currently enrolled students to engage in Christian mission and/or study off campus.
Deadline:  Contact William Conover in Spiritual Life

Economics Department Internship Awards
Major(s):  Economics (Juniors only)
The Department of Economics is privileged to be able to offer junior majors an opportunity to apply for five endowed internship awards.  These awards are made possible by the generosity of Beloit College alumni.  The purpose of the award is to encourage our majors to seek out challenging and demanding summer internships between the junior and senior year.  The stipend available to students has two components:  $1,500 available for documented costs associated with the internship (travel and rent are two obvious examples) and a $1,000 payment upon successful completion of the internship.
Deadline:  Selection occurs each Spring; deadline is typically in mid-April.

Economics and Management Department Opportunities
Major(s): Economics and Management; some Any
The Economics and Management Department at Beloit College provides many opportunities for its students to expand their classroom learning through summer work, research, awards and hands-on experience. For more details and information about what the Economics and Management Department has available, see their website.
Deadline: See website for details 

Miller Upton Internship Awards
Major(s): Any
A portion of the Miller Upton Memorial Endowment supports "exceptional students who have secured summer internships with organizations dedicated to advancing the wealth and well-being of nations." Students may receive up to $2500 in financial support.
Deadline: March; see site for year-specific details 

Sanger Summer Research Fellows
Major(s): Any

An eight week summer program open to returning students in all disciplines. Students work collaboratively with a Beloit faculty mentor on an original research project in their field and present their research at a Sanger summer symposium. Students receive a stipend, research funds, and room and board on campus during the program.
Deadline: March; contact Charles Westerberg for details 

Summer Biomedical Research Scholars Program
Students are invited to apply to the Beloit College Summer Biomedical Research Scholars Program (successor to the Schweppe Scholars Program).  This program will fund 8 weeks of mentored biomedical lab research and living expenses in the Chicago area during summer 2012 (typically June 1- July 31).  Applicants must be current Beloit College students with a strong interest in biomedical research.  In previous years, our Biomed Scholars have worked in Chicago labs focusing on microbiology, immunology, pathology, cellular and molecular biology, biochemistry, neurobiology, and others.  Preference will be given to second and third year students who have not yet had a biomedical laboratory research experience. 
Deadline: February; see site for year-specific details 

Summer Duffy Student Researchers
Major(s): Any
Students who have completed two semesters of the Duffy Community Partnerships may apply "to implement and analyze summer research which builds on their previous academic and field work with the program." Duffy student researchers receive a stipend and one unit of academic credit.
Note: this opportunity is only available to students who have previously completed two semesters of the Duffy. Other students are encouraged to apply to the fall or spring semester Duffy classes.
Deadline: Summer Duffy student researchers are nominated during spring semester from the current cohort 

Sustainability Fellows Program
Major(s): Any
 This eight-week summer program offers internships and applied research experiences for continuing Beloit College students to engage in sustainability-related activities on campus and in the local community.  Each student will work at one site under the mentorship of a faculty member.  In addition to working full-time at their placement sites, students will participate in a weekly Sustainability Seminar and a weekly community-based learning workshop.  Students will be housed on the Beloit College campus and receive a stipend of $3000 plus one unit of academic credit.  Yaffa Grossman serves as Director of the Sustainability Fellows. All current Beloit College students are eligible to apply.
Deadline: Selection occurs each Spring. Deadline TBA.