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Field Experience Program

FEG Students :Important paperwork information.

Congratulations!  You have successfully submitted your proposal and budget.  You have entered into the second phase of the grant world- more paperwork.  Please complete the off-campus travel registration form ( emailed to you), and submit all required paperwork indicated in the email.  The medical form, Internship Safety form, the FEG contract, and the Terms and Conditions form can be accessed below.  

Medical Form - if traveling abroad, please print, complete, and submit to the LAPC.

FEG Contract - please print, sign, and submit to the LAPC.

Terms and Conditions - please read.

Internship Safety - please read if you will be interning. 

Tax statement- scroll down for more information. 

Questions: contact me at


What is the Field Experience Grant Program

The Field Experience Program (also referred to as the FEG program) is an opportunity for first-year Beloit College students who received the Field Experience Grant opportunity as part of their admission package to connect their experiences and interests, test them out in new places, and build confidence in their ability to pursue theirs dreams at college and beyond. FEG funding of up to $2,000 will support a significant self-designed learning opportunity in the summer following each recipient's first year.

Current Field Experience Grant Students

Congratulations to each of you on receiving grant awards for your proposed projects!  What will your learning adventure be?  Whatever it is, we’re here to help you take full advantage of this opportunity to jump-starting your Beloit College liberal arts experience. By the spring, we’re confident you’ll be prepared to design and take charge of your own summer learning experience.

We look forward to working with you to craft this opportunity and to start putting the liberal arts into practice. 

Need help writing your FEG proposal?

Come and see Jeffrey.

Drop in hours: Mondays evenings from 6pm-9pm at the LAPC(enjoy cookies and hot chocolate while you work on your FEG proposal ) 

Mondays 10-11 and Fridays 9am-11am by appointment.

Need a resume? 

Come and see LAPC staff.

Please refer to the following documents, forms, and resources:

For any questions regarding the FEG, please contact:

FEG 2014

Cristina Parente
Field Experience Coordinator