Art and Art History

Art 225. Computer Art: Principals of Graphic Design and Illustration, spring 2011
George Williams,

Student Commitment: medium
Developmental Stage: intermediate
Community Partner(s): Beloit Clinic
Skills Taught: collaboration, improved communication skills, goal setting, time management
Resources: Course Syllabus (pdf)

“This course will interrogate the visual relationship between content, aesthetics and design.  Simultaneously, we will employ experiential learning as a pedagogical tool to acquire new knowledge. The student will be introduced and digest the fundamentals of graphic design and illustration, explore the experiential learning component of working with clients and meeting deadlines.  You will be challenged to theoretically and visually study design elements, space and principles, while simultaneously acknowledging and exploring the interdisciplinary ramifications of graphic design and illustration.”

“Including an experiential learning component to this course, affords students the opportunity to engage with a member of either the City of Beloit, or the Beloit College community.  In doing so, the students' breath of understanding (community, design and ability to present ideas) is broadened.”

Other points of interest:

  • Working on a variety of community-based projects in partnership with a variety of community stakeholders gives students the opportunity to have multiple experiences with collaboration.
  • At the beginning of the project, the clients were asked to present their project, to speak briefly about the business and discipline and then explain the goals of the project.  Clients returned to the class at the end of each project to assess the student problem solving process and review their completed work.

Help Yourself workshop, spring 2011.
Scott Epeseth,

Developmental stage: basic
Student commitment: minimal
Community partner(s): Help Yourself, coordinated by the LAPC