HIST 150. Citizenship in American History, spring 2011
Beatrice McKenzie,

Student Commitment: minimal, 3 hours total, two classes that are each 1.5 hours long.
Developmental Stage: intermediate
Community Partner(s): Stateline Literacy Council (SLC)
Resources: Course Syllabus (pdf)

Students that spend time tutoring at the SLC gain practical experience and develop a deeper understanding of why people desire to be citizens, the barriers to achieving citizenship and the benefits ascribed to those who are citizens.

Points of interest:

  • Logistical info: Professor McKenzie spent time developing a relationship with an employee of the SLC and promoted cohesiveness between the two classes by overseeing the two student-teachers in the initial phase of the citizenship class.
  • It was made clear to students at the beginning of the class that this community-based learning component was a required part of the class.
  • Assessment: Students received full credit for the assignment if they went to SLC and tutored. In addition, students were required to complete a short reflection paper after their experience.