BIOL 391. Advanced Human Anatomy & Physiology, spring 2011
Kathryn Johnson,

Student Commitment: minimal
Development Stage: basic
Community partner(s): Help Yourself, coordinated by the LAPC
Resources: Course Syllabus (pdf), Assignment Description (pdf)

Teaching Project

Assignment:  On February 12, from 10 AM – noon, we will host the Mezzo Academy in the Science Center.  Middle school students in this program will rotate through workshop stations run by you!  Each station will have a theme based on your physiological system. Activities are expected to teach and be engaging. 


  1. Provide a productive and engaging experience for Mezzo students.
  2. Thoroughly understand information, such that you can decide on pertinent points to teach.
  3. Hone communication skills by addressing the challenge of diverse audience background knowledge and interest, as well as navigating effective time management.