Forms and Documents

While service learning projects have endless variety, most engage a few basic resources. Student contracts, best-practice handbooks and reflection worksheets are a few examples of the service learning 'functional canon.' Below, you'll find forms and file templates which can be adapted to your particular service learning project.


Student service learning contract (pdf) -  a service learning contract template to be signed by students, professors and site supervisors before engaging a community-based project.

Service learning planning worksheet (pdf) - a planning worksheet to help reflect on the goals and implementation of service learning in a course. While written for faculty, it might be better-used in class (if the service learning project is developed with the students) or with students one-on-one (in the case of service learning internships.)



Principles of Good Practice (pdf) -  from the Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning: a ten-point list of things to do and avoid in service learning. An easy tool to help shape a conscientious approach to community engagement.

The Anonymous Public Servant (pdf) - Professor Megan Muthupandiyan's piece on what it means to be a public servant and how community-based learning fosters public service.

Accumulated Guidelines from and for Duffy Partnerships Participants (pdf) - A 3 page document of basic guidelines for students starting work in the community, by Carol Wickersham.

Community-Based Learning for Beginners: Some Considerations and Suggestions (pdf) - A 5 page document by Carol Wickersham, intended for faculty who are interested in, or already working with the community.