Academic Departments with an Experiential Learning Component

Below is a current list of the academic departments at Beloit College which either require, or strongly encourage, students to participate in experiential learning in some form for the relevant major or minor.

Anthropology--strongly encouraged

Art and Art History--strongly encouraged

Biology--strongly encouraged

Chemistry--strongly encouraged

Classics--strongly encouraged

Comparative Literature-strongly encouraged

Dance--strongly encouraged


Education & Youth Studies--required

English--Rhetoric and Discourse major, required

Environmental Studies--strongly encouraged

Geology--strongly encouraged

Health & Society--required (HEAL guide for majors)

International Relations--strongly encouraged

Journalism Minor--required

Mathematics--strongly encouraged

Modern Languages & Literatures--strongly encouraged

Museum Studies Minor--required

Physics & Astronomy--strongly encouraged

Political Science--required

Psychology--strongly encouraged

Religious Studies--strongly encouraged

Sociology--strongly encouraged

Theatre Arts--strongly encouraged

Critical Identity Studies--required (Experiential Learning Guidelines for Major)