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Faculty Toolkit

Integrating community-based learning can be a challenge. By design, it has more 'moving parts' than many other classroom components; partnering with a community organization takes a lot of planning and lead time, not to mention calendar coordination and periodic goal assessments. 

This Liberal Arts in Practice toolkit provides you with resources to create meaningful and content rich learning opportunities beyond the classroom.   For help setting up and implementing community-based learning, contact Carol Wickersham, or at 608.363.2023.

Educating Students on the LAP Requirement

There are three options available to students for successful completion of the LAP requirement. Students may choose to fulfill the requirement though LAP-designated credits, courses with paired LAP experiences, and LAP syntheses.

The Registrar's Liberal Arts in Practice webage, the LAP Requirement Brochure and the LAP Requirement FAQ Sheet are designed to assist faculty who are advising students on the LAP requirement.