Making it to the interview stage of a job or internship search, or graduate school application process is an accomplishment in itself.  The interview should allow you to learn more about the organization while you share more information about and market yourself in the process.

Our general interview tips and information regarding professional dress can help you prepare for an interview.  Additional resources related to different types of interviews and sample  questions can be found on the Toolbox

The Liberal Arts in Practice Center also provides the following to students to assist them with interviews:

Practice Interviews: Our staff can help you prepare for an interview by conducting a practice or "mock" interview with you.  Practice interviews can take place in three formats: in-person, by phone, or by Skype.  If the interview is in-person, we can tape the interview and review it with you, providing feedback on both answers and non-verbal behavior.  Practice interviews can be scheduled up to 1 business day in advance, and we ask that you provide a copy of your resume and the job description at the time of the request.

Interview Room: If you have a phone or Skype interview, you may request an office space at the Liberal Arts in Practice Center in which to conduct your interview.   This will allow you to conduct your interview in a private location with minimal interruptions.  

Contact us to make arrangements for either of these opportunities.