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Learn Beyond the Classroom

What are you planing on doing this summer?

The Liberal Arts in Practice Center can help students find meaningful internships, jobs and volunteer experiences, and information about funding these experiences. 

Do you plan to study off campus?

The Office of International Education is a one-stop shop for off-campus study. 

Do you have a job on or off campus?

Jobs are great learning opportunities to explore interests. 

Check out the current job postings on campus! 

What co-curriculars are you involved with?

Co-curriculars help students develop skills, find balance, and develop social networks. The Athletics Department and Health and Wellness Center provide information about getting involved in sports and fitness. The Theatre, Dance and Media Studies and Art and Music Departments provide opportunities for students to be involved in plays, concerts and exhibits. Stuboard and the STUCAL calendars help students find clubs and events on campus, as well as volunteer events off campus.

Do you have a resume? Cover letter? Portfolio? CV? LinkedIn Profile?

The Liberal Arts in Practice Center can help them articulate what they have learned in professional formats; in addition, provide them with the skills to network with alumni and professionals in their field and execute effective job searches as they are thinking about their next steps.