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Schedule a Car

Have a liberal arts in practice experience in mind but no way to get there? Did you know that the Liberal Arts in Practice Center (LAPC) can help with that? The LAPC has three vehicles for students, staff and faculty to use. 


One of the first questions you may be thinking is cost. How much will a car cost me to rent? What's great about these vehicles is that the only cost you have to cover is gas. When you pick the car up, it will have a full tank of gas. Upon returning the car, it is your responsibility to fill the tank completely after each use. 


Sounds pretty good, right? But now you're wondering where the catch is. LAPC vehicles can only be used for liberal arts in practice experiences (jobs, internships, volunteering, conferences, etc.). In addition to that, first time users must be an approved driver through security (it doesn't take too long!) and you must meet with the LAPC Office Coordinator to go over your reason for borrowing the car. That's not too bad! 

Cars are available on a first-come, first served basis by prior reservation with the Liberal Arts in Practice Center Office Coordinator.

As mentioned before, the LAPC vehicles can only be used for liberal arts in practice experiences. Examples of such experiences include (but are not limited to) community-based learning activities, conferences, workshops, and professional development opportunities such as job interviews, internships, job shadowing and informational interviews.

LAPC cars may be used by students for transportation to sites within 1 hour from Beloit College as estimated by Google Maps. Trips to more distant locations require the participation of a faculty or staff member and prior consent from the Director of Community-Based Learning.


Currently we have 3 compact cars that we have available through the LAPC at various times and days. You can use the vehicles for academic or professional purposes within 1 hour drive of Beloit. Depending on what days, times, and location of your site, you may be able to use a vehicle. *Please note that the LAPC cannot guarantee a vehicle for all of the semester; we schedule in two week blocks.* 


So here's a quick recap for you on how to get access to a LAPC car!

To borrow a LAPC Vehicle, the steps are as follows:

  1. You need to be a registered driver through security (this includes paperwork, a background check, and an assisted drive)
  2. You need to fill out this google form.
  3. You need to make an appointment with Emily Sager to go over paperwork and rules. Her schedule can be found here.