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Beloit College's popular and distinguished journalism minor  is grounded in the basic techniques of interviewing, researching, writing, and editing with an appropriate emphasis on critical thinking and media studies. All students completing a journalism minor are required to complete an internship at a media organization. The program welcomes students from the natural sciences, sociology, government, and theater arts (to name a few) to study journalism and encourages them to gear their journalistic endeavours to their major fields. We want our students to learn the intersections between theory and practice through internships at newspapers, television stations, and public relations offices.

The Minor

Journalism at Beloit is a minor concentration consisting of six courses. Two of these are print journalism courses; the third is in a different dimension of communication such as broadcast journalism, photography, or television broadcasting. Students also must take one supporting course relevant to the prospective career interest of the student and a course with an international or multicultural dimension. Journalism minors are also required to gain practical experience at a campus publication or in a professional setting outside campus. 

Professional Exploration

The journalism program believes internships prepare students for successful careers and requires that minors complete one in consultation with their journalism advisor. Because Beloit is near major cities like Chicago, Milwaukee, Madison, and Rockford and is located in a small city, internship options can be both traditional and unconventional. Many journalism minors opt to complete their internships at national news outlets such as WGN-TV, the Nation or at news outlets in Washington, DC. Others pursue local internships at the Beloit Daily News or the Janesville Gazette. Other students have pursued internships writing copy for political campaigns, working in marketing for the Milwaukee Brewers, designing and editing newsletters and publications for corporations, or helping the homeless put together a weekly newspaper.


Recent Beloit College graduates have found careers in journalism at CNN, the New York Times, the Source, National Geographic, the Chronicle of Higher Education, Chicago Magazine, and Harper's and at major newspapers in Chicago, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Des Moines Kansas City; Rockford, Ill; Janesville, Wis, and Rochester, N.Y. Our graduates have often distinguished themselves with long and prominent articles, ranging in topics from solution of spectacular crime to extensive travel in North America. Some graduates have gained additional education in schools of journalism at Northwestern and Columbia, while others have pursued careers as scholars, fiction writers, and teachers.