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Beloit College IT system passwords serve several purposes, such as preventing unauthorized access to sensitive information and helping faculty, staff, and students prove their identity to campus computer systems.  BITS uses a central password directory to authenticate sign-on to most of our systems. Use your Beloit College password to access: The Portal, campus computers, BCNet wireless network, G Suite Apps (Gmail, Calendar, Drive), Office 365, Belcat (Library catalog), Jenzabar EX, Moodle and Moodle Groups, Studio Abroad, network file shares, campus directories, and more.

BITS will never ask you to give us your password.  If you get an email asking to verify your account or provide your password, it is likely a phishing scam - do not respond to it or click on the link contained in the email. If you ever have any questions about the authenticity of such a request, please contact BITS Support for guidance before responding.

Beloit College no longer requires users to change their password on a regular basis, unless you have access to sensitive data in Jenzabar EX.  For more information on passwords at Beloit College, including information on guidelines and best practices, enrolling in Password Manager, changing your password, resetting a forgotten password, and more, please visit our IT Confluence wiki.

      G Suite

      Beloit College uses the Google G Suite for email, calendaring, productivity, and collaboration.  To login to G Suite, simply use the same username and password you use for other Beloit College networked resources, such as; the Portal, Moodle, and printing.

      Faculty, staff, and student account creations are triggered automatically through the hiring or process.  Alumni G Suite accounts are not automatically created, but are available upon request through the Alumni Affairs Office.

      Email Distribution Lists

      Several email distribution lists are available for use by the Beloit College community. These are designed for emails directed to all faculty, staff or students, or all of those constituencies. Emails posted to these lists should be limited to college-related topics; participation in the lists is automatic.

      Want to create your own email distribution list? Consider creating a Google Group.  Google Groups allows you to create online and email-based groups.

      Not Finding What You Need?

      New documentation is being developed and added on a regular basis.  If the information you seek is not captured in the Service Catalog or on the BITS Knowledge Base, be sure to let us know.

      Resources and Support

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      • Location: Mayer Hall, 2nd Floor
      • Hours: Mon-Fri, 7:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
      • Phone: 608-363-HELP (4357)