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Blogging/Social Networking Policy

Beloit College Blogging / Social Networking Policy

Bloggers must complete training through Web Services and sign this policy before access will be granted to College blogging/social networking resources. 

The purpose of College-supported blogs is to provide a genuine window through which prospective students and parents, alumni, members of the Community and friends of the College may view student and employee life as it periodically happens.  Students (and the interested public) will be able to see and read about your life here at the College.  Consider it a journal of sorts, capturing the goings-on for public consumption. 

Students, staff and faculty blogging on behalf of the college must be aware of College policies and federal and state laws that apply to social networking. Copyright infringement, defamation, invasion of privacy, obscenity, pornography, sexually explicit materials, sexual harassment, and stalking are common policy and legal concerns.  Users violating these laws could be subject to civil and criminal fines or imprisonment; violations of College policy can lead to sanctions. 

Information posted online, including pictures and text, is very difficult to completely remove from the Internet; copies of web pages are constantly archived and made searchable.  Some information sharing sites contain in their licensing agreements statements that the host site may use pictures and text hosted on their site for their own purposes. 

To help determine whether information is appropriate to post, users need to think about what information they want available to the world not just now, but in the future, and whether they are willing to give up or share any intellectual property rights they may have.  Potential employers, graduate school admissions committees, or even potential roommates perform “background checks” by searching the web.  

Users utilizing non-College resources for social networking purposes on behalf of the College must review all agreements and licenses in order to ensure that intellectual property rights remain with the College. 

Bloggers must be eager, articulate, and enthusiastic about sharing their experiences with others.  They must possess the ability to think critically about life here at Beloit, dig deep, analyze things, but most importantly – have fun expressing and sharing their experiences.  Posts must be interesting and grammatically sound.   For more information on official names, capitalization, and more, please see the Beloit College Style and Resource Guide

  • No alcohol- or drug-related postings and/or photos will be allowed.
  • No sexually explicit postings or photos will be allowed.
  • Professionalism is a critical component of all Beloit College blogs and social networking sites.
  • Bloggers must make it clear when discussing political topics that views are the blogger's and not the College's. 
  • All postings must conform to the Beloit College Web Policy (, including use of the College name and logo and links that imply endorsement of third parties, products, or sites, or content that could create a conflict of interest.
  • If commenting is enabled comments must be moderated by a permanent staff member.
  • Blogs must be updated regularly. If a blogger will not be posting updates due to vacation, winter or summer break, or other similarly long period of time, a vacation or away message must be posted.  Blogs that have not been updated in three weeks without a vacation or away message posted may be removed from public view.

Approved by the Beloit College Web Committee 1/26/2010.