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Private Wireless Router Configuration and Policy

The Beloit College campus is fully covered by our wireless network. Thus, personal wireless routers are NOT allowed (with one or two exceptions). Please contact the Information Technology department (IT) for more information.

Personally owned wireless routers and other devices interfere with the campus wireless networks.  If personal devices are found to cause interference, the corresponding network port/jack will be disconnected in accordance with the college‚Äôs policy on
Ethical Use of Computing and Information Resources and Privileges.  

Because most wireless access points also function as routers, there is no need or benefit to using personal routers on campus. The college attempts to provide a network jack/port for every person in every residence hall room. However, if the room does not have a jack/port for each person, IT provides switches at no cost to students. 

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact IT Support.