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Personally Owned Technology Policy

Information Technology (IT) does not repair, maintain or provide general hardware or software support for personally-owned computers of students, faculty and staff. Cleaning of viruses, spyware, and other operating system malfunctions are the responsibility of the computer owner. IT will provide the following support:

  • connecting to the college network - if a student, faculty, staff or guest is having problems connecting to the Internet that prevents access to online college resources, IT will attempt to troubleshoot the issue. 
  • installing the college-owned Symantec anti-virus software on student-owned computers. Students using a personally-owned anti-virus software program are responsible for installing and maintaining their software. The college Symantec anti-virus software license does not allow for installation on faculty and staff personally-owned computers. Please review our Best practices for avoiding viruses page. 
  • assisting with the removal of copyright-protected files and file sharing software (i.e. music, movies, or games downloaded through torrenting software (Transmission, uTorrent, etc). The user is responsible for dealing with any violation notices or required actions.
  • providing network support for personally-owned technical devices (Blackberry, iPhone, etc.). 

IT will not be held responsible for any loss or damages on personal computers or devices. Any services that are provided by IT are only available on campus or in Beloit College locations.