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Information Technology (IT) Equipment Lending Policy

The Information Technology (IT) department offers Beloit College students, faculty and staff equipment that can be temporarily checked out for use in the classroom, a college-sponsored event or other college business purpose. A college ID with a validated Library account is required for check-out. The equipment should be checked-out from and returned to  IT Support located on the 2nd floor of Mayer Hall.

Patrons who need to check-out multimedia equipment or laptops will be required to fill out an Acceptance of Liability form at the beginning of each academic year.

Equipment Available

Multimedia (Students, Faculty and Staff)

Multimedia equipment is available to all students, faculty and staff. A list can be viewed in the Equipment Available page and requests for this equipment can be made via the Google Calendar. Standard equipment checkout period is 3 days.  If the equipment is needed for a longer period of time, arrangements should be made with an IT staff member prior to equipment checkout.

  • This equipment should be reserved at least one business day in advance. All requests to borrow equipment over the weekend need to be made before Thursday at 12:00 p.m. in order to assure the equipment will be available.
  • Students desiring to borrow equipment for a club event must have the event registered with the Student Engagement and Leadership Office.
  • A fine of $5 per day per item will be assessed for multimedia equipment not returned after the 3 day check-out period. The fine per item will not exceed $50. Items more than two weeks overdue will be considered “lost”.
  • In the event that equipment is lost or returned in damaged condition, the patron will be charged for the repair or replacement of the item.

Laptops (Faculty and Staff only)

Faculty and staff may check out a laptop for up to two weeks at a time. To reserve a laptop, complete a SchoolDude request (sign into the Portal and go to the SchoolDude tab) or send an email to 

Network Hubs (Students only)

Network hubs are available to students who do not have a sufficient number of network ports in the residence hall room. No advance request is necessary. These are available for use for the entire academic year but need to be return prior to the student’s departure from campus. The student must complete a form upon check-out and will be assessed a replacement fee if the hub is not returned at the appropriate time.

Acceptance of Liability

The patron agrees that they are a current Beloit College faculty, staff, or student and that the equipment being borrowed will be used for a college-related purpose. It will be used only by the person borrowing the equipment and will not be sold, rented, lent or given to any other person or group.

The patron agrees to assume full responsibility for the equipment being borrowed.  The patron shall accept all responsibility and liability for any damages caused to the equipment while it is in their possession regardless of how or by whom such damage should occur.  The patron agrees that they shall have the borrowed equipment returned to  IT on the date specified and that failure to do so will result in late fees being assessed. In the event of loss or damage, the patron shall be required to pay for the cost of repair or replacement of all or any part thereof.  The patron understands that notices about the borrowed equipment will be sent to the patron's email address. The patron also agrees to abide by Copyright and Filesharing laws and policies.