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Beloit College Computing
Getting a Beloit College Network Account
Registering Your Computer
Configuring Beloit College Wireless
Finding your Wireless Mac Address
Virus Cleaning and Prevention

Beloit College ListServ Administration
Email Configuration Best Practices and Guidelines
Google Apps for Education How-To
Google Apps for Alumni How-To
SSL/TLS Encryption

File Options
Burning a CD/DVD
Creating a Multi-page PDF Document
Sharing Folders in Windows XP
Transferring files to Usermin (FTP)
Zipping/Compressing a File

Adobe Photoshop Help and Support
Adobe Acrobat Help and Support
Digital Image Manipulation with Photoshop Elements 5

Microsoft Office for Windows
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Publisher
Microsoft Access

Microsoft Office Help and How-To
Microsoft Office Online Training
Office 2003 Compatibility Update
Office 2007: How to save a file to open with older versions of Office
Open Office Plug in for Microsoft Office
Using Word & Excel Together (2007)

Microsoft Office for Mac
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Outlook  

Microsoft Office for Mac Main Support Page
Microsoft Office for Mac Training Page

Windows Operating System (OS) Tips
PC Tips and Tricks
Windows Update

Mac Operating System (OS) and iLife Suite
Mac OS X Tips and Tricks
iMovie How Tos
iDVD How Tos
iPhoto How Tos

Restricting Web Pages
Using Encrypted Connections   

Reason: Basics
Reason: Advanced (Media Files, News, and Events)
Reason: Introduction to the Reason Interface
Reason: Live Page Elements
Reason: Viewing/Finding Pages


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