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Jenzabar Q & A

The following are the answers yo your questions regarding Jenzabar.  Do you have a question which is not yet answered here?  Fill out this form and let us know.

Q: What is Jenzabar?

Jenzabar is a couple of things: it is a company that produces "enterprise resource planning" (ERP for short) software that colleges use to store and manage their information.  Jenzabar EX is the specific product that Beloit is migrating to.  It stores the college's financial information, grades, transcripts, course and building information, as well as information about our students and employees used to track benefits, generate payroll checks, register for classes, and create web directories, for example.  Jenzabar EX comes with several tools, including the portal, that allow us to access, work with, and create institutional information.  

Q: Why make this switch?

There are several reasons, ranging from functionality, to support, to overall value (bang for the buck). Our Datatel installation was on an outdated technological platform and lacked current tools and functionality. Jenzabar EX and the Jenzabar portal, JICS (the Portal) were selected as our next core platform and portal after a campuswide evaluation process, which included Datatel, in the spring of 2011.  

 Q: Are there going to be any orientation sessions?

Yes, there are several orientation sessions planned and more in the works. Please stay tuned to the Terrarium for more information.

 Q: What accounting processes are changing?

While a LOT has changed behind the scenes, and we have a new account number structure, many basic accounting process will be staying the same for the time being.  Purchase order and accounts payable submission procedures are not changing for getting a PO initiated and a/or check processed. Stay tuned for changes as we get used to the new system and can bring additional functionality on line.

Q: Are account numbers changing?

Yes. The new account number structure is 22 characters long: XX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX 

Q: Why did all of the account numbers change?

Jenzabar’s core programming handles account numbers differently than Datatel’s. We also plan to use our account numbers to track spending in new and different ways.  

Q: Any other big changes coming?

Yes! Look for more functionality in the fall and next spring as we continue to implement the system. We will be bringing Jenzabar’s data warehouse product, Capture, up in the fall. Capture will significantly enhance the Institutional Research, Assessment, and Planning office’s, as well as others’ on campus, ability to use and analyze data.


Q: What will happen to recent alumni transcripts and information? Will I be able to access these files from the Portal?

Consistent with past practice recent alumni will have access to transcripts and information on the Portal for approximately three months after graduation.  Access will cease somewhere around September 1st; after that you will need to work through the registrar's office for things like transcripts:

Q: When will we get access to the portal?

The portal will go live between July 25th-27th, 2012.  When it goes live students will be able to check grades and classes and more.  We will make announcements when it goes live!


 Q: How do we access the staff directory?

The public staff directory has been unexpectedly delayed.  IT, Human Resources, Web Services are working on a solution.  Because of overall project load the private directory, which will be available through the Portal, will be available sometime this fall.