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Individual Lists/Google Groups

The following listservs are available for use by the Beloit College community for college-related topics. Participation is automatic when campus emails are created.  If the message is personal in nature, please investigate the possibility of posting your message to The Terrarium.  Any questions about The Terrarium can be directed to the Terrarium Team at

Emails should be sent in the format shown below for each group of constituents. Please consider your intended audience when determining which list to use. Note that a full address is required otherwise the message will not be sent to the recipients:

  •  This list includes faculty, staff, and students. Students cannot post directly to this list and must have a faculty/staff sponsor send it on his/her behalf.
  • This list is for faculty members. Discussions are generally academic in nature and shared among the faculty members.
  • This list is for staff members. Discussions are generally administrative in nature and shared among staff.
  • This is both faculty and staff and involves discussions of either academic or administrative matters of interest to the entire community.
  • This list includes all students.Students cannot post directly to this list and must have a faculty/staff sponsor send it on his/her behalf. Although there is no limit on the number of sponsored messages, faculty and staff are encouraged to use discretion in this area. General announcements sent to this address will be added to a bulletin board. Students will be sent a message twice daily at 12pm and 5pm summarizing the messages that have been added to the bulletin board. Critical messages sent from select special accounts will bypass the bulletin board and be sent directly to the students.

All messages sent to an address above must adhere to the following rules for using Beloit College Lists:

1. All email sent to the campus wide email lists must have a subject label. The subject label must be inside of square brackets.  Be sure to put the subject label (in square brackets) at the front of the subject line.  Putting the subject label at the end of the subject line may result in sending failure for the message.  The available labels are as follows:

The [announce] label is used for announcements related to committee minutes, sponsored guest speakers, trustee matters, ISR announcements, etc., not personal or non-college sponsored activities.  Messages sent to students with this tag will be delivered to the student email bulletin board. Use of this label is available to anyone with a Beloit College email account who needs to send a college-sponsored announcement.

[Terrarium] is used by the college’s communications office to distribute once daily emails to the campus community regarding the latest content on the internal news site. This account will also be used to distribute updates to the campus community in the event of an unexpected service interruption or other breaking news (examples: declarations of city-wide snow emergencies, power or internet service outages, etc.). Messages sent to students with this tag will be delivered directly to the students’ email accounts. Access to this is limited to the Terrarium staff. Members of the campus community should contact the Terrarium at for assistance with promoting their events or reaching the campus community.

Labels for the [President], [DeanofStudents] and [AcademicAffairs] offices are also set up for the use of those offices. These provide each office with a reliable channel for reaching all faculty, staff and students directly (emails sent under these labels will not post to the student bulletin board, but will go directly into student inboxes).

2.Tags should be put at the front of subjects to assure they are read.  Tags at the end might not be seen in long subject headers.

3. Emails and attachments sent to the faculty, staff, or student distribution lists should not exceed 5 MB in size. If a message is larger than this size, the message will not be sent to the list. Please be aware that some attachments could end up displayed in a text format which will not be legible for some recipients. It is suggested that the information be uploaded to Google drive or placed on a web page, and that the web address (URL) be provided in the email sent to the distribution list.

4. It is not possible to send to two lists simultaneously. For example, if a message must be sent to both staff and students, two independent messages must be sent: one to and one to However, if a message is to be sent to faculty, staff, students and miscellaneous accounts created for special affiliations to the College, then a single message should be sent to

5. While students cannot send to the student bulletin board, they can send to the faculty and staff distribution lists. However, they should use strong discretion when sending to those lists. Faculty or staff can send a message on behalf of a student to the student bulletin board.

6. Never cut and paste a subject header as this might include special characters. Special characters (eg accents) should not be used in the subject header. These characters are not recognized properly by the system and can result in the rejection of the message.

7.  Email to these distribution lists can only be sent from a Beloit College account. 

8. Messages sent to one of the lists can be addressed to individual email addresses in addition to the listserv address. Up to 14 additional individual email addresses can be included for a grand total of 15 recipients per message (the listserv address counts as one recipient).

Individual Lists/Google Groups

Any Beloit College student, faculty or staff member may create a list (aka Google Group) in their Gmail account. Click here for Google Groups how-to.

If you do NOT want to receive email from someone's group/list, simply reply to them indicating that you want to be removed from their group. If you continue to receive email from their group, please contact IT Support. This policy does NOT apply to distribution lists set up by IT. Failure to comply with this policy may result in disciplinary action.