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The BCNet* wireless network is available in all buildings on campus for faculty, staff, and students. To connect securely, use these settings:

                   SSID = BCNet

                          If prompted:
                                Security Type = WPA2-Enterprise
                                Encryption = AES
                                Network Authentication Method = PEAP, MSCHAPv2

Need Guest Access? The BCGuest** wireless network is available for campus guests.

Have a gaming system or device that will not work with BCNet? A wired connection will always have the best performance for gaming, but if you need to use wireless follow these steps:

  • Obtain the MAC address from the device
  • Go to to register the Mac address of your device
  • Connect the device to the BCGuest wireless network

While we do our best to support a variety of devices, there may be some that we cannot support. At this time, IT is only aware of Chromecast not working on our network. If you believe there is another model device that will not connect to the campus network or if you need assistance with wireless connections, please contact IT Support.

Note: Private wireless routers are not permitted on campus. Review our Private Wireless Router Configuration and Policy page.

*BCNet is 802.1x compliant and establishes a secure, encrypted connection. All faculty, staff, and student devices should connect to the BCNet wireless network when possible.

**BCGuest is NOT 802.1x compliant; there is no secure, encrypted connection. BCGuest should only be used by campus guests and for devices that cannot connect to BCNet.