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Beloit College provides Symantec Endpoint Protection anti-virus software for student computers as well as college-owned faculty and staff computers. It is college policy that all computers connected to the campus network must be protected by up-to-date anti-virus software.

For Faculty and Staff:

Faculty and staff should contact IT Support for assistance installing anti-virus software on their college-owned computer. The college’s Symantec anti-virus software license does not allow installation on faculty and staff personally-owned computers.

For Students:

Students can install the anti-virus software using the link and instructions below. Be sure to uninstall any existing anti-virus software on your computer before you install Symantec Endpoint Protection.

Please note that starting with Windows 8 and forward from there (including all versions of Windows 10) Microsoft has anti-virus software included as a component of the operating system itself (in Windows 10 it is called Windows Defender). No additional anti-virus need be installed. However, anti-virus software such as our Symantec Endpoint Protection CAN be installed if one wishes that protection instead of the built in Defender product.

Internet Browsers

IT will support versions of Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. Other browsers can be used with limited or no support from IT.

File Zipping/Unzipping

Winzip and Winrar are two different utilities that allow you to handle compressed (zipped) files. They are useful to save space when handling large files.

Secure Connection Tools

Following are Windows tools that can be used to establish a secure remote connection to a server: