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Pegg Stoddard, Executive Secretary

The Beloit College
Information Services and Resources (ISR) Division provides access to information resources, supports their use, and serves as a center for engaged learning.  Staff located in Mayer Hall and Col. Robert H. Morse Library and Richard Black Information Center collaborate and consult with faculty, students, and staff to provide a learning and living environment dedicated to the cultivation of liberally educated persons.

Library provides access to the online catalog (BELCAT), a rich collection of electronic resources, and information about Beloit College Library services.

Information Technology (IT)
provides technology resources and services to students, faculty, and staff. Policies related to technology purchases, the Academic Technology Fund Plan (ATF) for faculty equipment replacements and other Library and IT services can be found on the ISR Plans and Policies page.

Moodle Improvements

December 15, 2011 at 11:17 am

From Instructional Technologist Jedidiah Rex...

I am excited to announce some improvements to Moodle. The biggest and most apparent change is that there will be two separate Moodle instances. This change has come about due to more and more groups on campus (departments, committees, etc.) using Moodle to manage administrative responsibilities. I have received multiple requests to separate some of the these courses from the academic courses. This change will also better facilitate Jenzabar integration in the future. The two distinct Moodle instances will be:

  • bcmoodle - This is the Moodle that you are familiar with, currently home to all Moodle courses. Beginning in Spring 2012, bcmoodle will only be used for academic courses - anything listed by the Registrar. All other courses will be moved to the new instance.
  • bcmoodle/groups - This Moodle instance will be used for any "course" that is not a course listed by the Registrar. This includes many department resource courses and other "administrative" groups (departmental courses, committees, resource courses) on campus. 

    Courses currently living in bcmoodle that now fall under bcmoodle/groups will be moved between January 3, 2012 and the beginning of the Spring term. Please make no changes to your courses after 1/3/12. I will send a message giving the "all clear" to those responsible for the sites after they have been moved. I may contact some person(s) responsible for some sites to coordinate moving. 

The two instances will be visually distinct from one another so that you will be able to know at a glance which instance you are in. Login information will be the same for both instances - you will continue to use your Beloit credentials to login to bcmoodle and bcmoodle/groups. Both instances will be running the CLAMP Moodle version 1.9.11 + LAE 1.2 

bcmoodle will be upgraded January 5, 2012). This version of Moodle is more stable and brings some enhancements to the grade book, file upload process, available blocks and other areas as well. You can read the documentation for this version by visiting the link above.

As a result of this change you will see a new Moodle icon on the Faculty & Staff page and on the Current Students page. The two icons will look like:

moodle logo-1024x254.jpg


bcmoodle groups web logo 2.png