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Student Experience Metrics


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Student experience metrics

Beloit College has identified several aspects of the student experience that research in higher education has shown lead to high academic and personal outcomes. Beloit College is committed to students having these experiences, monitoring how and if students are having them, and improving the environment that leads to these student experiences. These student experiences are:

  • Having a professor or staff person who makes them excited about learning
  • Having a professor or staff person at Beloit who cares about them
  • Having a mentor who encouraged them
  • Having a professor or staff person who challenges them
  • Having a sense of belonging at the college
  • Having worked on a project that took a semester or more to complete
  • Having applied classroom education to non-classroom settings
  • Having been active in co-curricular activities and organizations
  • Having engaged meaningfully with students different from themselves

What do we know about these experiences?

More than 60% of students graciously answered 20 Questions about the Student Experiences at Beloit College. Students' answers show us if, and which, students are having these kinds of experiences. The findings from this survey are shared here so that students, staff, and faculty can play a part in improving the outcomes of Beloit College students.

We are already finding the resulting data to be enlightening, motivating, and informative. And the findings are raising more questions! As a first step, Chen Bao '17 has directed her Spring 2017 Honors Term to learning from students directly through student-led focus groups.

Beloit College students have at least one professor who made them excited about learning


Beloit College students' professors or staff cared about them as people



Students have been challenged by a professor or staff person



Students have a mentor who encouraged them


Students have a sense of belonging at the college



Students work on a projects that take a semester or more to complete



Students apply classroom learning to a job or internship




Students are active in co-curricular activities and organizations




Students meaningfully engage with people with are different from them


For more information, see:

For more detailed information or Excel versions of these findings, please contact the IRAP office.