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Departmental Review Resources and Support

As part of Departmental Review process, many departments undergoing self-assessment have found it helpful to examine data regarding their majors, non-majors taking courses in their departments, graduates, and peer departments at peer institutions.  This page organizes resources by general area of interest, including descriptions and examples of reports that can be generated by the iRAP office.  In addition to the data below, consultation is also available for departments interested in conducting surveys, focus-groups, and interviews with alumni and/or current students.

Meetings to discuss relevance to departmental objectives of particular data sets and data-gathering methods are often most valuable very early in the planning process and can be scheduled with the iRAP office up to a year in advance.

Meetings to discuss the specifics of large data requests and data-collection methods should be scheduled with iRAP at least several weeks in advance of proposed deadlines. 

  • Student Data (available for Majors, minors, students enrolled in departmental courses)
    • Demographic Information [5 Yr.]
      • Summary demographic information (race/ethnicity, gender, geographic origin, etc.) is available for Majors, Minors, and students enrolled in departmental courses
    • Academic Information (Undergraduate) [5 Yr.]
      • G.P.A., graduation rates, % of graduates with departmental major
      • Counts of Double-Majors and Minors by second or affiliated major
      • Study Abroad  and Domestic Off-Campus study (%, location, program)
      • Internships (available for all credit-bearing and some non-credit internships)
      • Most Student Symposium and International Symposium Participation
      • Standardized Test Scores (SAT, ACT, GRE)
    • Extracurricular activities [5 Yr.]
      • Varsity Athlete Status
    • Alumni [10 Yr.]
      • Post Baccalaureate Enrollment and Completion (% earning PhD's, graduate institutions attended, etc.)
  • Faculty Data [5-10 Yr.]
    • All-College Teaching (IDST,FYI)
    • Teaching Loads
    • Advising Loads
  • Course Data (available by course level [100- 200- 300-], number of pre-requites [starting in Fa08], or other requested divisions) [5 Yr.]
    • Enrollment Data
    • Course Offerings
    • Course Evaluation Summary Data (requires faculty permission)
  • Data Available for Comparison with Beloit's Peer Institutions [also available for other peer groups selected by the department] [5-10 Yr.]
    • % of Departmental Graduates (1st and 2nd Major) vs Total Graduates, by graduation year (also available for subgroups by race/ethnicity and gender)
    • PhD Attainment in Department Area by college alumni