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Accreditation overview

Beloit College is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission (HLC) of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools. Once every 10 years, a team assembled by the Commission visits our campus, speaks to a wide variety of students, faculty, and staff, reads an extensive self-evaluation that we prepare, and then writes an accreditation report. An overview of the process is available here. Beloit College successfully underwent a reaffirmation of accreditation in the 2016-17 academic year.

Beloit College submissions in 2016-17

Beloit College submitted three kinds of information for the ten-yearly Higher Learning Commission visit in 2016-17.

  1. An Assurance Argument, that provides evidence responding to the Higher Learning Commission's Criteria for Accreditation.
  2. Evidence showing Beloit College's compliance with federal regulation.
  3. A report describing Beloit College's Quality Initiative, the Liberal Arts in Practice implementation and assessment.

Additionally, students and the public were invited to provide independent comments to the Higher Learning Commission.

The visit team reviewed all materials in advance of the visit and asked questions about them while on campus. The materials submitted are available to the Beloit College community here (Beloit log-in required).

HLC reports on Beloit College's 2016-17 reaffirmation

The Higher Learning Commission notified Beloit College on May 5, 2017 that it continued the accreditation of Beloit College with the next Reaffirmation of Accreditation in 2026-27. The final report is available here.

What's next?

Each year, Beloit College submits an Institutional Update to the Higher Learning Commission, which helps the HLC ensure Beloit College is complying with federal regulations and is healthy as an organization. In 2019-20 (Year 4 of the HLC's Open Pathways cycle), Beloit College will complete an Assurance Review, which will show Beloit is continuing to meet the HLC's criteria for accreditation.