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Course evaluations

Each semester, the IRAP office prepares course evaluations for all course sections with three or more students enrolled. Faculty distribute the course evaluations in their courses, and students provide answers to multiple-choice and free-text questions about themselves as students, the course, and the professor. (See Academic Policy Manual Chapter 6, D. Faculty Employment Obligations, Section 3. Evaluation of Courses)

  • Each semester: Within a few weeks after grades have been submitted, IRAP sends course evaluation summary reports to all course instructors. The first set of reports shows average scores or free text for all the questions. The second set of reports shows average scores compared with departmental averages and college-wide averages.
  • In review years:  IRAP automatically distributes historic course evaluation reports to faculty undergoing Second Year, Fourth Year, and Tenure Reviews by July 1 of the review year. Faculty who would like additional materials (e.g. scans of individual course evaluation forms,  individualized comparison reports) are invited to email Ellie Anderbyrne ( to set up an appointment. These consultations for individual course evaluation requests may be scheduled until July 1.
  • For more information about course evaluation data availability, reporting options, and guidance and deadlines related to requests, see Course Evaluation Resources for the Faculty Review Process (Beloit log-in required)
  • Further information regarding the tenure review process can be can found on the webpage of the Faculty Status & Performance Committee.

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