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Indicators of Institutional Health

The health of Beloit College can be understood across the community through a range of indicators. The indicators of institutional health are updated up to three times a year, in preparation for the three Board of Trustee meetings. Each update reflects up to 7 years of historical data (as available). Current and past summaries of Institutional Health are available here:

The indicators in the summary of institutional health are:

  • Enrollment
    • Acceptance rate
    • Yield rate
    • Average high school GPA, incoming freshmen
    • U.S. students whose family AGI is below the U.S. median household income
    • Total degree-seeking fall enrollment
  • The Student Experience
    • At least one professor made me excited about learning
    • Professors or staff care about me as a person
    • Have a mentor who encourages me to pursue goals and dreams
    • Worked on a project that took a semester or more to complete
    • Internship or job that allowed them to apply classroom learning
    • Been active in co-curricular activities and organizations
    • Discussed social issues with students of differing background/perspectives
    • Feel a sense of belonging
  • Student Success
    • Sophomore retention rate
    • 6-Year graduation rate
  • Finance and Operations
    • Average student-generated-revenue per student
    • Spending on plant, including maintenance staff
    • Faculty salaries as a % of ACM median
    • Moody's bond rating
    • Median staff pay as a percentage of market midpoint
  • Alumni and Development
    • Alumni who donated during the year
    • Gifts received