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Beloit College First Destinations Survey

Beloit College recognizes that understanding the success of our students requires learning not just about their experience at the college, but also about their successes following graduation. For that reason, Beloit College’s Liberal Arts in Practice Center, supported by the Institutional Research, Assessment and Planning Office (IRAP) and the Alumni & Parent Relations Office, initiated a new first destination survey for the class of 2014.

The survey was designed to align closely with the standards and protocols approved by the National Association for Colleges & Employers, the governing organization for career development professionals.

The Beloit College First Destination Survey has been administered to graduates in 2014 and 2015. The survey was distributed in October 2014 to 268 students who graduated between July 1, 2013-July 31, 2014 and student interns followed up with respondents through December 2014.  In total, data were gathered from 185 out of 268 members of the Class of 2014, yielding a response rate of 69%.


Major findings

  • Beloit College’s Class of 2014 performed better than the national outcomes for college graduates.
  • 84% of graduates were engaged in full time work or education.
  • Beloit College graduates outperformed the national average for unemployment of college graduates by 2.5%, as reported by the Economic Policy Institute. 
  • The underemployment rate for Beloit College graduates was half of the national average,  as reported by the Economic Policy Institute.