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Student survey data

In order to learn and improve, Beloit College regularly surveys students about their experiences. Beloit College participates in a range of surveys to cover different areas of the student experience.

  • National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

    Beloit College participates in the National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE) every three years.
  • CIRP Surveys

    The CIRP Surveys are a group of linked surveys developed by the Higher Education Research Group. The CIRP Freshman Survey is administered annually to all incoming Beloit College students. The CIRP Your First College Year Survey and CIRP College Senior Survey are administered every three years.
  • HEDS Sexual Assault and Campus Climate Survey

    Beloit College participated in the HEDS Sexual Assault and Campus Climate in spring 2016.
  • Beloit College First Destinations Survey

    Beloit College surveys recent graduates to learn about their "first destinations" after Beloit.
  • HEDS Teaching Quality Survey

    Beloit College participated in the HEDS Teaching Quality Survey in 2014-15. The survey is based on the Wabash National Study.
  • CORE Drug and Alcohol Survey

    The Core Alcohol and Drug Survey is administered by the Beloit College Office of Residential Life to understand students' health and social behaviors.
  • Retired surveys

    Beloit College carefully evaluates which surveys will provide the most opportunities for learning and improvement. Beloit College sometimes decides to stop participation in certain surveys or assessment instruments it has been involved with in the past. Examples include the Collegiate Learning Assessment and the Student Affairs Survey.