Common Data Set (CDS)

The Common Data Set (CDS) Initiative is a collaborative project of college guide publishers and national research organizations with the goal of providing a consistent set of information about institutions of higher education.  While most are consistent, some questions and definitions vary from year to year.  Recently, the CDS has begun including a list of changes and definitions. 

Sections of the report include general information, enrollment and persistence, first-time first-year freshmen admission, transfer admission, academic offerings and policies, student life, annual expenses, financial aid, instructional faculty and class size, degrees conferred

Beloit’s CDS reports are compiled annually by the IRAP staff and are made available to the public.

The most recent version of the Common Data Set as well as those from selected preceding years may be accessed through the links below.

Common Data Set (CDS) 2015-2016

Common Data Set (CDS) 2014-2015

Common Data Set (CDS) 2013-2014

Common Data Set (CDS) 2012-2013

Common Data Set (CDS) 2011-2012

Common Data Set (CDS) 2010-2011

Common Data Set (CDS) 2009-2010

Common Data Set (CDS) 2008-2009

Common Data Set (CDS) 2007-2008

Common Data Set (CDS) 2006-2007

Common Data Set (CDS) 2005-2006