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ASP reports for departments proposing tenure-track positions

Each year IRAP create a set of reports showing departmental statistics for recent years. The Academic and Strategic Planning Committee (ASP) requests the reports and has been involved in their composition. ASP requests that departments and programs proposing tenure-track positions use these reports as the source of their information, to ensure comparability of numbers across position proposals. IRAP encourages departments and programs to use these reports for other purposes as well, such as departmental planning and assessment.

Reports within the "ASP reports for departments proposing tenure-track positions" file include:

  1. Course Enrollment (by course prefix)
  2. Course Enrollment (by instructor’s department)
  3. Domain (T, U, B, A, or S) Course Enrollment (by instructor’s department)
  4. Skill (C, Q, or W) Course Enrollment (by instructor’s department)
  5. First-Year Initiatives Seminar Course Count (by instructor’s department)
  6. Liberal Arts in Practice (LAP) Course Enrollment (by instructor’s department)
  7. Capstone (CAP) Course Enrollment (by instructor’s department)
  8. Graduating Department/Program Majors
  9. Graduating Department/Program Minors
  10. Graduating Department/Program Majors (by sex)
  11. Graduating Department/Program Majors (by race/ethnicity/international)
  12. Course Enrollments in 2016-17 (by race/ethnicity/international)
  13. Current Students’ Declared Majors (by student academic standing)
  14. Current Students’ Declared Minors (by student academic standing)
  15. Count of Tenure/Tenure Track Positions (by instructors’ primary department)
  16. Count of Non-Tenure/Non-Tenure Track Positions (by instructors’ primary dept)