College Data

If there is additional data you would like to see made available through this website, please contact

  • Common Data Set (CDS)

    The Common Data Set (CDS) Initiative is a collaborative project of college guide publishers and national research organizations with the goal of providing a consistent set of information about institutions of higher education. While most are consistent, some questions and definitions vary from year to year. Recently, the CDS has begun including a list of changes and definitions.
  • National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

    This page contains an explanation of the NSSE and its uses, accompanied by links to graphs of NSSE benchmarks comparing Beloit to peer groups and example questions and responses from the survey.
  • Fast Facts

    Fast Facts is a brief summary of college data on students, faculty, academics, staff, and finances compiled annually by the iRAP office.
  • Campus Data and Resources (Campus-only Access)

    This page contains data and resources accessible only Beloit College faculty, staff, and students. Data includes annual admissions and student affairs survey data. Resources include procedures and data availability related to departmental reviews and course evaluations.
  • Core Comparison Group

    A list of the institutions that make up Beloit College's core comparison group.
  • CIRP Surveys

    The CIRP Surveys are a group of linked surveys developed by the Higher Education Research Group. The CIRP Freshman Survey is administered annually to all incoming Beloit First Years during New Student Days and the CIRP Senior Survey is administered every three years to Beloit seniors during their second semester, allowing the college to track longitudinal data.