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College Data

If there is additional data you would like to see made available through this website, please contact

  • Core Comparison Group

    Beloit College has a set of institutions that make up Beloit College's core comparison group.
  • Common Data Set (CDS)

    The Common Data Set (CDS) is a standard set of facts about Beloit College that IRAP produces yearly.
  • Publicly Available Data

    Beloit College submits aggregate data to IPEDS. The data is available for download from the IPEDS website.
  • Student Survey Data

    In order to learn and improve, Beloit College regularly surveys students about their experiences. Beloit College participates in a range of surveys to cover different areas of the student experience.
  • Data and Resources (Campus-only Access)

    This page contains data and resources accessible only Beloit College faculty, staff, and students.