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College Data


Advising Practicum is Friday, March 23. Use the full schedule to plan your day.

If there is additional data you would like to see made available through this website, please contact

  • Core Comparison Group

    Beloit College has a set of institutions that make up Beloit College's core comparison group.
  • Common Data Set (CDS)

    The Common Data Set (CDS) is a standard set of facts about Beloit College that IRAP produces yearly. Most other institutions also publish Common Datasets.
  • ASP reports for departments proposing tenure-track positions

    IRAP creates these reports each year at the request of the ASP committee, for use by departments and programs proposing tenure-track positions.
  • Beloit College Fact Book

    The annual Beloit College Fact Book contains visual representations of Beloit College information over time and compared to peer schools.
  • Student Survey Data

    In order to learn and improve, Beloit College regularly surveys students about their experiences. Beloit College participates in a range of surveys to cover different areas of the student experience.
  • Publicly Available Data

    Beloit College submits aggregate data to IPEDS. The data is available for download from the IPEDS website.
  • Frequently requested data

    Additional information about Beloit College current students and recent graduates