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Beloit College Goals

As a learning community, we value

  • the pursuit of knowledge through free inquiry
  • the pursuit of personal, social, and intellectual development through multiple paths
  • a spirit of collaboration, civility, and respect
  • creativity and innovation
  • the educational benefits of engaging diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and identities
  • active, responsible citizenship
  • integrity of purpose and performance

As members of this community, Beloit College students develop

  • a passion for learning within and beyond the classroom
  •  depth and breadth of knowledge
  • an understanding of the significance of human accomplishments across cultures and times
  • an understanding of the ways in which human communities operate and interact
  • an understanding of scientific perspectives and processes
  • an understanding of diverse cultures and the effects of culture on behavior
  • an appreciation of aesthetics and the power of creative expression
  • an awareness of the ways in which disciplines interact and overlap
  • a core of essential skills for productive, meaningful engagement with the world:
    • effective written and oral communication
    • logical thinking
    • quantitative reasoning
    • information literacy
    • problem-solving
    • judgment

We accomplish these goals through a rigorous, coherent curriculum and comprehensive co-curriculum that emphasize

  • engaged learning
  • collaborative learning
  • experiential learning
  • interdisciplinary and integrated learning
  • international/global perspectives

--approved by Academic Senate December 2005, Approved by Board of Trustees February 2006