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Institutional Research, Assessment & Planning

Reporting directly to the President, the Office of Institutional Research, Assessment & Planning coordinates research studies, surveys, statistical and policy analyses to inform the college decision-making process, to support long-range planning, and to provide public accountability. As the official source for institutional statistics, the Office also responds to external requests for information from state and federal governments, other agencies and consortia, and interested parties who need up-to-date information related to college processes, accountability, and academic programs.  Additionally, the office supports and advises institutional, departmental, and programmatic inquiry surrounding student learning outcomes.

For assistance with assessment, student life, academic affairs, The Beloit Project or the Curriculum Oversight and Administration Committee (COA), please contact Ellie.
Email: or (608) 363-2014(608) 363-2014 or 726 Church St.

For assistance with enrollment, financial aid, finance, development and alumni, or Academic Strategic Planning Committee (ASP), please contact Ruth.
Email: or (608) 363-2606(608) 363-2606 or Milddle College 3rd Floor

If you aren't sure who to contact, simply hit the "Data Request Form" link to the right and let us know how we can help!