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Interdisciplinary Studies

What Are Interdisciplinary Studies?

Interdisciplinary Studies can range from the study of any subject that does not fit neatly into existing disciplines to the deliberate juxtaposition and synthesis of disciplines.  In the context of a liberal arts curriculum, interdisciplinary courses, majors, and/or minors can provide students with opportunities to understand how knowledge is constructed and continually reconstructed.  Students can also acquire the skills of using multiple perspectives and synthesizing new approaches using those perspectives to solve complex problems.  Developing an understanding of and seeking answers to complex questions often requires integrating knowledge and methods from multiple disciplines.  Reflection on and integration of disciplinary knowledge is central to interdisciplinary studies.

Beloit College offers students numerous opportunities to develop the ability to understand and integrate different approaches through interdisciplinary learning.  From the very first FYI seminar to the senior capstone seminars, students construct new ideas and novel solutions by creating innovative connections that cross disciplinary boundaries.  Important questions and issues are often best understood by using knowledge, methods, and perspectives from many different disciplines.  Beloit's curriculum allows for the synthesis of disciplinary insights through interdisciplinary approaches and courses.

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