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ACTION REQUIRED:  The college requires all degree-seeking students to provide proof of health insurance, or enroll in the college offered insurance.  The plan is administered through Consolidated Health Plans (CHP).  The information for the 2017-18 academic year is currently available on the website and will be updated to the 2018-19 academic year soon.  The benefit summary shown above has the updated 2018-19 information.

Campus Health Insurance Program

All students are invited to consider the campus health insurance program, administered by Consolidated Health Plans (CHP).

The premium for this very comprehensive "gold" plan is just $1567 for a full 12 months. You may wish to compare this plan, at about $130 per month, to the plan you may have available with your parents or on your own.

  • The CHP plan includes a very broad local and national network of health providers.
  • The plan requires a deductible of only $150 per year (in network), then pays 80% of all covered charges.
  • Preventive care is covered at 100%.
  • Doctor visits and prescription drugs require a nominal co-payment and are covered at 80% after the co-payment.
  • Hospital, surgical, mental health, chiropractic and therapy services are covered like any other medical condition.
  • Intercollegiate sports participation is also covered.
  • This plan meets all requirements for "minimal essential coverage" outlined by the federal government.

The College is pleased to offer a very competitive plan at an affordable annual premium.

International Students

All international students, degree seeking or exchange, with a J1 or F1 visa are required to be enrolled in this college-designated insurance plan.

The value-added services listed at the bottom of the Benefit Summary include:

  • Medical Travel Assistance which is a program which covers repatriation and medical evacuation that is in addition to the health insurance policy.
  • Vision Discount program

Domestic Students

Insurance Program Document for Domestic Students (the same coverage is provided for international students)

All students are required to show proof of insurance or they will be automatically billed for the college designated insurance plan. 

Domestic students may enter your insurance information into the Portal at  Incoming students: you have received your email address and password for entering the portal in your Becoming A Beloiter booklet. If you are a student athlete you do not have to purchase additional coverage for intercollegiate sports.

After you submit information about your insurance coverage into the Portal (, the charge will be removed from your bill.  Bills are updated every Friday.

If you have not provided the college with insurance information by July 31st, the $1567.00 charge will remain on your account
(coverage is from August 1, 2018-July 31, 2019).


If you have any questions, please email or call the Dean of Students Office at (608) 363-2660.