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Venture Grants

For some students, the Initiatives program at Beloit College culminates with a self-designed summer project funded by a Venture Grant. The grants support entrepreneurial, self-testing, or intellectually challenging projects that benefit both the student(s) involved and others. Projects may be of a personal, service, or commercial character, and may be completed independently or through an organization. The Venture Grant program gives priority to projects that engage with “local” communities, broadly construed. That is, “local” can refer not only to the diverse localities of which particular students are a part but also to the various ways—and places—in which "local" questions, challenges, and opportunities can be engaged. International projects may also be funded, especially when the project includes a meaningful connection to the local.

Travel in the footsteps of famous Beloit alumni. Research Native American mound sites across the Midwest. Intern with a youth ministry organization. Research and establish a food co-op. Learn traditional methods for mounting Chinese calligraphy.

All are examples of projects undertaken by Beloit College students through Venture Grants. In each case, the projects allowed students to get hands-on experience related to their intellectual and personal development. Funding from Beloit College’s Initiatives program made it possible.

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