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Your Educational Trajectory

At Beloit, liberal education is not about fulfilling requirements (even though there are a few), but about charting your own rich and meaningful educational trajectory through the liberal arts. A “liberal arts” education facilitates human growth and freedom (that’s what “liberal” means in this context) through broad and deep inquiry. "Freedom" means that what you study is largely up to you, but "growth" suggests the ways in which your advisor and Beloit's curriculum will help you to make decisions that foster your development as a person, thinker, and communicator.

With the help of your advisor, you'll choose courses that enable you both to pursue the interests you've already developed and to explore and develop breadth of perspective, taking courses in unfamiliar areas of study so as to discover new interests and talents. Seek variety and balance, choosing courses that involve different activities, methodologies, and approaches, while balancing courses in which you have confidence in your skills with those that will require you to build new skills.

In the end, what you study is your decision, but Beloit provides plenty of support to help you choose among the rich options available to you, so that you can design an educational trajectory that's right for you.

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