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Objectives of the First-Year Initiatives Seminar

The First-Year Initiatives (FYI) seminar at Beloit College offers an introduction to the liberal arts that prepares students:

While each FYI seminar takes up a different topic, learning objectives for all seminars are organized around four broad areas that faculty and staff at the college have come to regard as critical to our students’ sense of success at Beloit and their commitments to lifelong learning, high achievement, and effective action in the world.

• Encounter and Exploration – offers students an introduction to our campus community, our mission, and our curriculum

• Agency – provides a strong emphasis on helping students find their own path through college, giving them the tools and support they need to follow it successfully

• Higher-Order Communication Skills – helps students to become more aware of expectations for effective communication at the college level by providing concrete strategies for developing as writers and speakers as well as opportunities for improvement

• Social Identities – acquaints students with the presence, interests, and needs of various communities within and beyond Beloit College—local, national, and international—while asking students to reflect upon, analyze and evaluate their own position in relation to communities of which they are (and of which they aspire to be) a part