FYI: "Being Here" Festival and Contest

FYI 2015 – “Being Here” Festival and Contest

Tuesday, November 24 - Science Center

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Atrium SC 101 SC 150 SC 249 2nd Floor Mezzanine
10:15 – 10:45 Posters All-Class Video Productions Digital Story Finalists Digital Presentations Live! 2D and 3D Art
10:45 – 11:15 Poster Session Live!

All-Class Video


Digital Story Finalists Digital Story Finalists 2D and 3D Art
2:15 – 2:45 Posters All-Class Video Productions Digital Story Finalists Digital Story Finalists 2D and 3D Art Live!
2:45 – 3:15 Posters All-Class Video Productions Digital Story Finalists Digital Story Finalists 2D and 3D Art

Festival Overview

Live Digital Presentations*: 10:15 – 10:45 in SC 249

Live Poster Session: 10:45 – 11:15 in SC Atrium

Live 2D and 3D Art*: 2:15-2:145 on 2nd Floor Mezzanine

All-Class Video Productions: 10:15 – 10:45; 10:45 – 11:15; 2:15 – 2:45; 2:45 – 3:15 in SC 101

Digital Stories (Only Finalists Shown): 10:15 – 10:45; 10:45 – 11:15; 2:15 – 2:45; 2:45 – 3:15 in SC 150 and 10:45 – 11:15; 2:15 – 2:45; 2:45 – 3:15 in SC 249

*Displays of posters and artwork will remain in place throughout Festival

Festival Entries

Live Digital Presentations

SC 249 10:15-10:45

1.“Being Here with Disabilites”     Timothy Thumbi, Miyani Clark, Erin Lockley, and Patricia Tinker         

2.“Athletics Stats in Beloit” Alexander Sarantis, Logan Maulick, Shayne Ellis             

3.“Majors at Beloit: A Brief History”   Sophia Rogers-Davidson, Ed Smith, Henry Jacobsen, and Matthew Neilsen

4.“Race at Beloit College”    Alex Lyon, Jalen Davis, Joe Stephenson, and Yizhe(Katie) Li      

Poster Presentations SC Atrium 10:45-11:15

5.“Financial Aid Statistics”  Haylee Irwin, Eli Bowie, Joey Werner, and Marisol Rubio          

8.“Riley the Robot”   Sam Cowan, Madeline Gaebler, and George Jacobsen

10.“Intertwining Home and Beloit”      

Suzannah Tebon, Georgia Armitage, John Rosmus, Denzel Dawkins

13.“What Is Ponder College?”      

Alby Leonardi                       

14.“Ponder College”    Ben Sullivan and Ezra Rogers                    

15.“Artistic Skill Does Not Matter At All”   Kiri Youngquist and Alyssa Boltik                                                                          

16. “Ponder College: Tales from The Tribe”       

Nozomi Elizabeth Tanaka and Varak Mouradian             

17.“Brain Activity During First Semester of College”     

Colleen M. Tillis        

18.“First Semester”  

Tessa Simon 

19.“Round and Square Times”      

Jiachen Xu     

25.“Art in Spaces” Casey Cusimano       

All-Class Videos      

SC 101 – All times                                                          

4.“The Heart of the FYI”  (from Olga Ogurtsova’s “From Da to Nyet”)  

Nicholas Jordan Bone, Charlotte Burks, Christine Clayton,  Evan Lewis Cooper, Tanner Michael James, Britta Pontzer Johnson, Kayla Noelle Jones, Jake T Karlicek, Clare Louise Lanaghan, Jason Lansing, Gabriel William Perry, Quinton Purves, MuTian Qiao, Liam Michael Regan, Michael John Sammut, Katherine Andrea Spicer, Karl M Weiler, Maddy R Welt, Benjamin Douglas Yee, and Joshua C. Zagal" 

21."Standing Up!: Attacking Social Issues and Exploring

Identity through Comedy" (from John Kaufmann’s “Standing Up”)

Aaron Jolly, Alan Brint, Lexi Schnitzer, Art Taubin, Autif Steele, Blair Henderson, Carly Gregerman, Erica Stalo, Hanna Brown, Isabel Brinton-Fenlason, Isaiah Snead, Jason Dormon, Kendall Montgomery, Lili Hagg, Luke Zimmerman, Maya Arora, MJ Strawbridge, Ross McFarland-Porter, Skyler Stoll, and Tate Mitchell            

22.“Being Here” (from Beth Dougherty’s “The American ‘War on Terror’”)

Riley Lourden (videographer), Daniel Arkes, Andrew Berlin, Ethan Conley,

Sarah Farr, Clare Giamo, Galeane Hale, Tyler Kee, Charlotte Mahoney-Mosedale, Erick Mitchell, Chloe Moncel, Alex Perim, Otis Roffman, Helena Rose, David Serrano, Sabrina Tumicelli, Alex Villegas, and Sasha Vorlicky"                                                                                                                      

Digital Stories – Finalist Showing

SC 150 (All times) and SC 249 10:45-11:15, 2:15-2:45, 2:45-3:15

Digital Story Entries include:

9.“Beloitering Around” by Abigail Aldridge, Liam Petzen, and Lucas Boschelli

11.“Snapshots of Sounds” by Jonathan Marcaly, Faith Macdonald, Lillian Calvert, Sydney Mercado, and Semaite Abiy

12.“The Magic of Beloit” by Julia Berkson, Nicolette Muldrow, Mark Gannon, and Hernan Santacruz

20.“Virtual Tour of Beloit College”  

Ava Mozaffari, Maximillian Moderski, Mercedes Kwiat-Reynoso, Nicholas Borbely, and Gabrielle Garcia

23.“This Old Car” by Miette Muller    

24.“The Ground Cherry” by Hannah Yee                                                     

26.“Being Here” by Meshach Roberts                                                                      

27.“A New Hope” by Brett Colcord                                                                           

28.“Being Here” by Everett Baxter                                                               

29.“Learning to Connect” by Naomi Clear                                                               

30.“Lost and Soggy” by Joel Seabury-Kolod and Nicholas Keller                           

31.“My Transition Into Adulthood” by Joanie Wiley and Autif Steele                 

32.“Being Here” by Sophia Miliotis                                                    

33.“Being Transgender and Asian On Campus” by Jin Wong                             

34.“College Dating: Me before You” by Laura Lehmann                          

35.“Friends” by Linnae Capuder                                                                                

36."From Stigma and Stereotypes to Curiosity and Compassion" by Alexis Kosik    

37.“My Home” by Alexander Amedeo DePillis                     

38.“Finding Home” by Jackson Henderson              

39.“The World Full of Happiness” by Vince Zhang           

40.“Being Us” by Grace  Berchtold                                                                              


2D and 3D Art

2nd Floor Mezzanine 2:15-2:45                                                                       

5.“Narrow Roads to the Interior”  

Emily Anaya, Luke Brennan, Rita Chang, Dominic DeWolfe, Kailyn Dix, Jaylin Duckett, Cynthia Escobedo, Dev Kanani, Ashley Lambert, Alexis Miller, Frieda Myers, Marguerite Puchner-Hardman,  Brianna Schullo, Nathaniel Stump, Farhan Tahir, Luke Thomson, Olivia Tween, Caroline Vandivere, Jennifer Widmer, and Brett Zickert

“Being Here” is an all-FYI event where we show, tell, listen, hear, and think through how we locate ourselves, in many senses of that term, in this new place. Held in the Science Center at the end of your first semester, “Being Here” provides a platform for new students to share who they are, what they’ve learned, and how it matters to others. Make a digital story, create a poster, curate an exhibit, develop a performance, display a set of findings, or compose a soundscape. Regardless of the medium, tell us about something about what being here means for you!

Awards will be given for those entries that best:

  • illuminate how social/cultural/physical location shapes the ways in which we understand different worlds, our place within them, and our relationships with others;
  • demonstrate a clear sense of purpose and audience engagement (taking into account that the primary audience is other students);
  • utilize the chosen medium effectively to communicate concepts, ideas, and insights drawn from their FYI courses

Entries can be from individuals, groups, or entire classes

  • Grand prize of $200
  • Jury prizes of up to $100 each (several may be awarded)

Prizes will be awarded at the FYI “Being Here” Festival in the Science Center Atrium on Tuesday, November 24th, from 10:15-11:15 a.m. and 2:15-3:15 p.m. (i.e., during your usual FYI timeslot). You’ll discuss the festival content in your FYI afterwards.

Prizes will be awarded in the form of Turtle Creek Bookstore gift certificates. Only students enrolled in FYI during Fall 2015 are eligible for the grand prize; transfer and exchange students, as well as FYI students, are eligible for the jury prizes. By submitting a “Being Here” entry, you grant the college permission to publicize your digital story on the college web site and in college publications.