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Enduring Questions

Student Symposium

Student Symposium will take place on Thursday, April 19. The Student Symposium schedule is available online.

"Enduring Questions" Courses

These courses address fundamental questions or controversies from different disciplinary perspectives, and focus on exploring how a liberal arts education furthers understanding of complex issues. Courses may be counted toward particular majors and minors at the discretion of departments or programs.

“Enduring Questions” courses prepare students:

  • to interpret complex problems or controversies from different points of view;
  • to construct effective written arguments that take into account the complexity of a given question and the position of the intended audience;
  • to use the perspectives and skills involved in liberal inquiry to analyze and address particular questions or problems; and
  • to engage in intellectual inquiry with excitement and a strong sense of relevance.

Recent course offerings:

  • Education in a Democratic Society
  • Sex and Power
  • Steampunk: Remaking History in Postmodern Culture, Literature, and Craft
  • Nutrition to Nuclear Power: How is Energy Produced, Distributed, and Used?
  • Comparative Electoral Systems
  • Biographies of the Buddha (and His Substitute Bodies)
  • What is College For? An Interdisciplinary Examination of LIberal Education
  • Introduction to Political Thinking
  • What is Consciousness?
  • The Hedgehog and the Fox:  Dostoevsky and Tolstoy