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Enduring Questions

"Enduring Questions" Courses

These courses address fundamental questions or controversies from different disciplinary perspectives, and focus on exploring how a liberal arts education furthers understanding of complex issues. Courses may be counted toward particular majors and minors at the discretion of departments or programs.

“Enduring Questions” courses prepare students:

  • to interpret complex problems or controversies from different points of view;
  • to construct effective written arguments that take into account the complexity of a given question and the position of the intended audience;
  • to use the perspectives and skills involved in liberal inquiry to analyze and address particular questions or problems; and
  • to engage in intellectual inquiry with excitement and a strong sense of relevance.

Recent course offerings:

  • Education in a Democratic Society
  • Sex and Power
  • Steampunk: Remaking History in Postmodern Culture, Literature, and Craft
  • Nutrition to Nuclear Power: How is Energy Produced, Distributed, and Used?
  • Comparative Electoral Systems
  • Biographies of the Buddha (and His Substitute Bodies)
  • What is College For? An Interdisciplinary Examination of LIberal Education
  • Introduction to Political Thinking
  • What is Consciousness?
  • The Hedgehog and the Fox:  Dostoevsky and Tolstoy