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Initiatives Advising Workshops


The Beloit College 168th commencement will begin on Sunday, May 20 beginning at 12:00 p.m. CST due to a slight rain delay. The weather looks to be a bit chilly with a chance of rain, so please plan on bringing an umbrella. More information about the ceremony and full schedule of events is available on the commencement website. Also, for those unable to attend, we will live stream the ceremony at, and the recording will be made available via our YouTube channel after the event has ended. 

Congratulations to the Beloit College Class of 2018!

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One of the most important components of the Advising Practicum for first-year and sophomore students is the Initiatives advising workshop. This workshop is an extension of the FYI seminar; you receive a total of 0.25 unit of credit when you participate in the workshops during each of the first three semesters at Beloit. If you haven’t declared a major area of study by the time of the Advising Practicum during your fourth semester, you'll attend a special workshop designed to help you choose a major and develop your academic plans accordingly. 

The workshops provide structured opportunities for you to reflect upon the skills and perspectives you should be developing as a student of the liberal arts and as a member of local and global communities, and to consider why those skills and perspectives matter and have practical value. They also enable you to identify your strengths, interests, and challenges, to set goals for yourself, and to identify strategies and resources for meeting those goals. In the workshops, you will develop an academic plan and consider opportunities for enriching your educational experience at Beloit, such as study abroad, community-based learning, and Venture Grants, as well as involvement in clubs, organizations, and paraprofessional work on campus.

Students attend the workshops together with the other members of their FYI seminar. Prior to each workshop, you'll receive a set of questions to which you'll respond in writing. These responses form the basis for conversations at the workshop. Attending all three workshops makes you eligible to propose a Venture Grant project to be undertaken in the summer following the sophomore year.