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Students, Professors and Staff

All these people are happy to hear from you, answer your questions or just say hi.  They are listed in alphabetical order by last name.

Hope Doucet `15Hey, I am Hope Doucet, a potential Creative Writing and Religious Studies double-major (definitely subject to change). I am proud to identify myself as both a follower of God and a Beloiter, an intersection that is difficult at times but one that I chose intentionally. While I was raised in Christian education and in the non-denominational church my entire life, I sought a community where I would be in the religious minority in order to test my faith and practice my faith language. I am a resident of InterFaith house. Religion and spirituality need to be discussed on campus because it is an integral part of life, and although it is not always visible, it often impacts important decisions that people make in their lives--relationally, spiritually, physically, and so on. Please feel free to talk to me anytime or to stop by InterFaith. I love conversation, having coffee, and am open to talking about . . . pretty much anything. Blessings!

Renata Goetz `17.jpgI'm Renata. I'm part of the class of 2017, and hoping to major in Cognitive Science. Although I was raised culturally Christian, Beloit has provided me with an open environment to explore my spirituality. I currently attend meetings of the Unitarian Universalist group on campus and am also very involved with the Sexuality and Gender Alliance. Email me if you want to talk about spirituality, sexuality, just to say hi, or whatever.

My name is Yaffa Grossman. I’m a faculty member in the Biology Yaffa GrossmanDepartment and Director of the Sustainability Fellows Program.  I’m also involved in the Environmental Studies program, participate in Jewish community events, and enjoy the outdoors.  You may find me in my office (SC332), the Botany lab (SC147), or one of the native species plantings on campus.

Maddie Hart `17.jpgHi, I'm Madeleine Hart and I'm studying Biochemistry as well as Health and Society. Since coming to Beloit College, I've developed a stronger sense of spirituality through meditation and yoga. I'm especially interested in the mind/body/soul connection and the healing powers of mindfulness. I believe it is important to experience everything with all of your senses. I've also found that showing gratitude and a positive attitude can reduce stress and make life more enjoyable, while harboring negative emotions leads to stress, tightness and overall, poorer health. If you're interested in the many benefits of meditation and yoga, please email me!

Minh Huu `15.jpgI'm Minh Huu.  I am a third culture kid, aka a human being. I don't stick to any particular faith, but if I were to choose it would most probably be buddhism. At the campus, I sometimes attend mindfulness sessions and I talk to Bill Conover a lot about spirituality.


Hannah McNamee `15

Hi! I’m Hannah McNamee. I'm part of the class of 2015 and I’m a Jew. Though I grew up in a predominantly Lutheran community, I always had plenty of religious guidance and experiences through Sunday school and Jewish summer camp. Email me if you want to talk about being Jewish at Beloit, or being Jewish anywhere!

Larkin Miers `17.jpgHello! I'm Larkin Miers and I'm a biochemistry major, class of 2017. I grew up in the United Church of Christ (UCC), a very progressive denomination of Christianity. I spent much of my first year at Beloit trying to figure out which faith is best for me and with the help of friends, family, and much exploration, I was able to identify why I connect so well with the UCC. I know that faith will be a lifelong journey for me, but Beloit really helped me create a spiritual identity that I didn't have before. Please feel free to contact me about faith exploration, spiritual identity, faith and science, or anything else. Best wishes!

Dawn Redd"I'm Dawn Redd, the Head Volleyball and Assistant Track & Field coach here.  I live and worship in the Rockford, IL area (only about a 30 minute drive!) where  I attend a multicultural, non-denominational Christian church.  If you're interested in a church where you can look around and see a diverse crowd of Hispanic, White, Black, and Asian believers, please contact me."

Kelsey Rettke `15I’m Kelsey, I am a Presbyterian. I come from a family that has a long history with a Presbyterian church back home. Coming to a liberal arts college with a somewhat secular environment was intimidating at first. I was able to connect to my faith and other people who share similar faiths through A Place at the Table, God Talk and the Intervarsity Christian Fellowship. I go to church every Sunday at Rock Valley Chapel, it is a nice community that has gone out of its way to welcome me with open arms. If you have any questions about being Presbyterian at Beloit feel free to contact me.

Jessica Vogel `15Hi, I’m Jessica Vogel, class of 2015. I’ve only recently begun my spiritual journey as a non-denominational Christian. While I continuously question my own faith, I enjoy attending a variety of churches and exploring the intersection of religion and life. Feel free to contact me to talk about spiritual exploration, God’s love, and share your spiritual experiences.

Hello!  I'm Emily Vogelhuber, an environmental chemistry major and religious studies minor, class of 2016.  My path has been pretty long and winding; I started out as an agnostic, leaned atheist for a time, and now I am a Christian who loves bridging the social gap between secular scientific and faith communities.  I am part of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and Better Together on campus and attend a church in Rockford.  I would love to meet you! Carol Wickersham

"My name is Carol and I'm a faculty member in the department of Sociology, director of Community-Based Learning, and coordinator of the Duffy Partnership.  I'm also an ordained pastor in the Presbyterian Church.  If you would like to learn more about any of these things, check out the links above or contact me."