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Christian Discretionary Fund Scholarship

A generous Beloit College alumnus has established a scholarship fund “to introduce and encourage the Beloit campus to the challenge and adventure of knowing and having a personal relationship with Jesus Christ."   Toward that end a scholarship is offered through the Spiritual Life Program to encourage currently enrolled students to engage in Christian mission and/or study off campus.

The benefits and responsibilities of receiving such a scholarship are as follows:

  • Scholarship applicants must research and make arrangements for their own mission or study experience as part of the application process
  • Applications will be considered for
    • Short-term experiences, during semester breaks or in summertime
    • Domestic or international experiences
    • Individual or small group experiences*
  • Successful individual applicants will receive an award of $250-500 to support individual travel and/or other basic expenses (occasionally individuals will be considered to receive a larger award, depending on application quality and applicant need)
  • Successful group applicants will be considered to receive larger awards
  • Scholarship recipients will be expected to regularly incorporate both action and reflection in their off campus mission experiences; recipients will be given a journal in which to reflect theologically and Biblically on a daily basis
  • Upon return to campus, recipients will share their experiences and reflections
    • In a one hour conversation with the Director of the Spiritual Life Program
    • In a campus wide event for Beloit College students, faculty and staff
    • In a letter (2-3 pages, typed single-spaced) to the alumnus who supports the Christian Discretionary Fund

*In rare cases, semester-long or full-year experiences will be considered in consultation with academic advisors.  An off campus mission scholarship in no way imparts academic credit, which however can be sought and may be granted according to Beloit College policy and procedure.  No grants will be awarded to fund experiences during a vacation term (i.e. a semester when a student is not enrolled at the college), faculty-led projects, or an international student’s return trip to his/her home country.

Contact Bill Conover to find out more and start the application process.