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Meet Beloit’s SD Moderators

Sustained Dialogue Coordinator: The opportunity to delve deeply into conversations about identity is an invaluable experience for students who are members of the Beloit College community. Sustained Dialogue offers a real and energizing means to think deeply about our own experiences as well as the experiences of others, and it is thrilling to have our students so highly invested in such a purpose, as well as compelled to move toward action for social justice.  


Moderators are the heart of Sustained Dialogue.  They are the driving force behind not only the groups but also other initiatives across campus:

Charlotte Mayeda '18

Charlotte Mayeda '18Sustained Dialogue is a space where I am able to engage in important conversations while also exploring my own identities. As a long time participant, Sustained Dialogue was one of my first experiences at Beloit College where I was able to really process how identities shape a person’s reality. Now as a moderator I hope to do that for other people. Sustained Dialogue in a lot of ways is what you make it to be, and I think in the next few years it's going to evolve and transform to produce really positive outcomes on campus. 

Chloe Moncel '19

Chloe Moncel '19My investment in Sustained Dialogue stems from valuing open, non-confrontational communication. I find the Sustained Dialogue goal of achieving action through structured dialogue to align with my views on activism and improving interpersonal relationship. As a moderator, my main responsibility is to ensure that the space fosters a conducive space for experience sharing, for compromise, for relating and for disagreeing, while still learning from the interlocutor. All in all, Sustained Dialogue is necessary in learning how to communicate with others and ultimately, to create inclusive change.

Emrys Hodkinson '18

Emrys Hodkinson '18I am invested in SD because I believe it is a good program to help students gain skills on how to communicate across differences as well as have conversations that they might not be able to have in class. I am especially committed to using SD as a mode of creating productive and sustainable change at Beloit through the five stages. 

Evan Sepulveda '18

Evan SepulvedaSustained Dialogue is a phenomenal opportunity for students of various identities to engage with one another in difficult yet rewarding conversations in order to cultivate greater understanding of self and others. It is through difficult and uncomfortable conversations that we are best able to challenge our own assumptions.

Ethan Perel-Wertman '20

Ethan Perel-Wertman '20Doing SD as a participant and a moderator has been one of the most rewarding parts of my Beloit experience. The ability to engage on a real level with people of different identities who I would not normally converse with. SD has given me the skills to engage in tough conversations that I would otherwise shy away from. I strongly encourage all Beloit students to participate in the program.

Gray Denney '20

Gray DenneySustained Dialogue means a lot to me personally because of the ways it allows me to connect with other students on campus and gives us a platform where we can make meaningful change. It also creates a space where students can connect with their peers and share aspects of themselves that make them unique.

Lillie Herbst '20

Lillie Herbst '20My first semester in SD I joined the interfaith group. I wanted to understand my religious identity more while also learning and understanding more about other religions. I felt like my group was really able to grow together and accomplish something meaningful. I continue with SD because I feel that there is more to accomplish on this campus and more that we can do to make people of all identities feel welcome and accepted here. 

Pablo Arimany '19

Pablo Arimany '19

When I first started SD, it became a great source of learning and teaching for me. My freshman year, my SD group was where I learned the most about sexuality, sex, and gender. SD has also taught me to have dialogues with people who have opinions different from my own without getting heated and aggressive. I try to have relationships with the people in my group outside of our regular SD meetings.