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Meet Beloit’s SD leaders


Moderators are the heart of Sustained Dialogue.  They are the driving force behind not only the groups but also other initiatives across campus:

SD students sp 2014Mohammed Abbed `16: Sustained Dialogue is a great way to educate those who are interested on campus topics that may clarify what the meaning of those subjects are about. It’s a fantastic way to spread the word of what our society is about, consisted of, and situations that present in our community. I’m honored to be part of the SD squad, and intrigue those who attend our events!


SD students sp 2014Reid Caplan `16:  My experiences in Sustained Dialogue have shown me how imperative it is that we all examine the assumptions we have about the identities of others, so that we may learn more about our own identities as well as how to be sensitive to difference. I’m excited to facilitate meaningful interactions across campus to make Beloit College a more inclusive place.

Laura Glick `16

Laura Glick `16:
  Sustained Dialogue provided me with a safe environment to speak and learn openly about identity and issues that matter to me on Beloit's campus. The dialogues that I have been fortunate enough to be a part of have drastically expanded my perspective of myself and my peers. From SD, I have learned more of what it means to be a Beloiter than in any other setting on campus.

Kye Ingram `16

Kye Ingram `16:
Sustained Dialogue for me was a way to get involved on campus and speak freely within an environment that was not judgmental and very understanding. It was also a way to broaden my perspective of how I viewed certain topics. I believe that it has grown into a facilitation to help students from all different walks of life interact with the hopes of building a stronger Beloit campus community.


Allison Jones `16
Allison Jones `16:
  SD has been a really important opportunity for me to learn from my peers in an environment that is more intimate and relaxed than a classroom. That said, it has also introduced me to dialogues that are uncomfortable in productive ways - they help me challenge my beliefs and think critically about difficult topics. What's remarkable about SD is that it brings people together who might not otherwise get a chance to share ideas, which can be a really powerful and positive force on a college campus.

Sarah Jones `17Sarah Jones `17




Sustained Dialogue StaffReine Lucas `15: Sustained Dialogue began as a small idea, but last semester I saw it grow into something I never could have imagined. SD has made so many changes both on campus and in myself. We have been able to discuss difficult topics and more importantly understand different identities on deeper levels. I look forward to continuing to participate and learn in Sustained Dialogue this semester.


NamoongaNamoonga Mantina `15:  To be part of a process that connects diverse groups of individuals, builds and strengthens relationships that otherwise may not have existed, and stimulates change through honest, open conversation, Sustained Dialogue is an opportunity I am humbled to be a part of. The needs for, as well as the results of Sustained Dialogue are evident through the day-to-day interactions everywhere you go. It’s a rewarding feeling to know that somehow you've made a contribution to the changes that continually take place.

SD students sp 2014

 Michael Quevedo `15: When I first heard about Sustained Dialogue, I believed that it could be something big, something that can open up our community, break down barriers, and build new social bridges.  Now, after seeing it in action, I think that there's no limit to what we can do as a campus if we just meet together and listen for a change!


SD students sp 2014Samantha Schonberger `16: After experiencing the supportive community created when people respectfully listen to others sharing their personal experiences, I am excited to continue to create a more inclusive, understanding campus culture at Beloit through Sustained Dialogue. Not only do participants gain a better understanding of their personal social identities, they are able to put them into context with their classmates'. I am looking forward to continuing to break down barriers by bringing together students from various parts of campus who otherwise may never have had the opportunity to interact and get to know each other.


Sustained Dialogue StaffOsha Waterdu `15



Support Team

Beloit Sustained Dialogue has three administrative staff members working in support of the moderators and groups, and directing the project long term:


Sarah TweedaleSarah Tweedale, Sustained Dialogue Coordinator:  The opportunity to delve deeply into conversations about identity is an invaluable experience for students who are members of the Beloit College community. Sustained Dialogue offers a real and energizing means to think deeply about our own experiences as well as the experiences of others, and it is thrilling to have our students so highly invested in such a purpose, as well as compelled to move toward action for social justice.


YoungbloodCecil Youngblood, Associate Dean for Inclusive Living & Learning and Co-Director of Sustained Dialogue:  So many times in groups, workshops, after a speaker or presentation, or even at lunch, right when the conversation is getting "good" and we begin to get to the real questions below the surface, it is suddenly "time to go". We are left wondering and questioning with no outlet or opportunity for resolution. Sustained Dialogue will provide the pathway and safe space for those conversations to continue and grow, building relationships through gaining respect for our differing perspectives which eventually will open doors for inclusive change. 

Bill Conover

Bill Conover, Director of Spiritual Life Program and Co-Director for Sustained Dialogue: Faculty and administration members have been working steadily for years now to develop the rich intercultural learning opportunities that exist in our classrooms and across our residential campus. Sustained Dialogue is a natural next step.  The vision is a campus marked by inclusive excellence, where learning about social identity and intercultural literacy is ordinary and safe, and pervasive action around these topics is expected and inevitable!