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Sustained Dialogue

Sustained Dialogue 2013 2014

It's not just talk!

SD is ... semester-long small groups of students, run by students.
Each group has around 10 students from all walks of life
who come together once a week.

Sustained Dialogue 2013 2014

SD is ...
open, skillful engagement with people
you might not otherwise even meet.
begin to know and understand each other, exploring
and analyzing what’s underneath our most pressing
s social conflicts.

SD students sp 2014

SD is ...
a campus culture we're building together.

Groups go through a five-stage process designed to
build relationships and turn dialogue into action
for a more inclusive Beloit.




SD students sp 2014*Click here to read what Beloit students said about SD.




Groups are now being formed for Spring 2018!  Sign up by Sunday, January 28.:
Questions?  Contact Sarah Tweedale