Title: Trans Talk
Presenter: Tobias Gurl
Facilitator: Prof. Kathleen Greene
Location: Science Center 

Trans Talk will explore the perspectives of transgender and transsexual Beloit College students. Definitions, college policy, incorporating trans perspectives into the classroom, and other higher education-related topics will be covered. The format will begin with a panel discussion moderated by Professor Kathleen Greene, with plenty of time left over for questions from the audience.

Title: Best Practices
Facilitators: Bill Conover and Max Olin
Location: Science Center 

This workshop entails GREAT PARTICIPATION on behalf of the attendees. Beloit College’s Diversity Council and Office of Intercultural Affairs will serve as launching pads for a greater conversation on what has successfully worked for each institution in advancing inclusive excellence. The goal of this workshop is to learn through celebration of successes for other campuses. Attendees can expect to walk out of this workshop with a few ideas of campaigns that may be translated to their campus.

Title: Game of Oppression
Facilitators: Cecil Youngblood and Biancha Martinelli
Location: Science Center 

While college campuses are becoming increasingly diverse, many students (faculty and staff) find it difficult to step outside of what is familiar and interact with students from different races, religions, classes, abilities, or sexual orientations. For many students, going to college is their first experience with people different from themselves. While students pass each other on campus and attend classes together, few develop meaningful relationships with others from different backgrounds. The “Game of Oppression” is designed to encourage and challenge individuals from different backgrounds and experiences to engage in authentic dialogue in a “safe space” around issues of oppression.